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Your Child is in Great Hands

Our Philosophy

We want to provide a developmentally appropriate program for young children that promotes the whole child, respects each child as an individual, and stimulates a child's natural interest in, and enjoyment of learning.


Each child will be allowed to grow and develop in an atmosphere of warmth and friendship, while we respond to their individual needs, interests, and maturity levels. Experiences to encourage creativity, imagination, and self-assurance will be provided.

Our Mission

As a Christian childcare program, we believe:

We are to be witnesses of the love of Christ for all; we accept children of all races, religions, and ethnic origins while still maintaining our Christian identity.

Each child is a unique gift from God, and each has individual learning styles and growth patterns.

Children learn best in a consistent, safe, loving, Christian environment that permits freedom to explore and discover.

In a program that provides a setting for learning and growth, and which supports the needs of the developing child, and which stimulates spiritual, mental, social, emotional, and physical development.



We utilize Teaching Strategies "Creative Curriculum" Connected Ecosystem and Gold Assessment to teach, observe, and assess all students from infancy to graduating our center. 

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